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We are an Alberta based Canadian company that specialise in auto recycling in partnerships with auto recycling yards across Alberta.  We are Member of Alberta Automotive Dismantlers & Recyclers Association.  As an Auto Recycler, we have been trained to dispose of the environmentally hazardous materials in vehicles.  Your vehicle will go through environmentally sound process when dismantling and recycling by draining all the hazardous fluids.  We remove Mercury switches and other dangerous substances from the vehicles and dispose of them in a safe way in accordance with local laws. We do not let contaminants go on the ground in order to protect the water table from polluting and to keep the environment safe for generations to come.  Vehicles are dismantled, recycled and de-polluted vehicle shells are then sent to the steel mills to have the metal recycled.

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Box 1270 Black Diamond, Alberta T0L 0H0

Phone:                                   1 877-529-6260

Fax:                                        1 877-513-0088